Just a hippie chic

Being born in 1968 with the timing a decade off for me to actually have been a “real hippie” much to  my father’s delight.  Their attitude, clothes, hair, lifestyle and beliefs set this generation of hippies apart from all previous generations of American youths who wanted a different way of life. These hippies were better than what a few decades of violent wars have produced for society.  I’ve lived so far through four decades of American soldiers involved in violent fighting in other countries with ulterior motives over what they were actually fighting for. This also left too many broken spirited soldiers behind when the fighting was over. Some of these soldiers carried their scars where the world could see what they’d been through while the others scars weren’t visible for anyone to see or care for what our country made them endure.  My Grandpa despised all of the men from that era and put everything  about them down like they were a personal embarrassment to society for being different when they came home from war. With the stern and over protected childhood, I grew up in, and a lonely one too, I was thoroughly enchanted with any free spirited person I met during my teenage years.  These people I met were intelligent, easy going in a non violent way and most importantly the kindness shown to all humans and wanting to preserve the environment for our future generations. Yes, I wear tie dyed clothing, collect peace signs and really enjoy the 60’s and 70’s music but I don’t smoke weed. I’m kind to people who are kind to me. I don’t have much, but I’ll share what I’ve got with anyone in need and I love our beautiful planet. I’ve never been one to follow the masses without questioning the purpose of what I’m doing. “Groovy” and “right on” are said often during conversations with me. So I hope you’ll all find your groovy way to happiness and be right on with your peace. 


New Hippie Friends


My friend HippieMan added me to a closed group on Facebook. It’s a community of hippies sharing pictures, music and friendship. I’ve met some of the coolest people who are kind, caring and funny. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt a connection to others with shared ideas and morals. I’m truly grateful for the hippie generation and how it’s continued throughout the years. We need people who care about humanity and our planet. We need both for the human race to not become extinct in our children’s and their children’s future. All life matters not just different ethic groups. World peace is something our violent prone generation thinks is impossible and I pity those that live that way. I’m hoping for a future where more hippies are still among the worlds population and their voices will be strong. Thanks my friend HippieMan for showing me there’s hope still out there for peace, love and happiness.




Time Marches On


One day at a time is my mantra. Minutes become hours and hours turn into days then days add up to continued sobriety when you just stay in one 24 hours at a time. Staying in the day keeps me calm, but more importantly, it keeps me honest with myself and others. I’m grateful for each morning I wake up to live another day. I don’t have a good day everyday because some days are just plain shitty with life’s surprises. During the good days, the kind that feel like warm sunshine on a cold winter’s night my world is at peace. Nowadays I don’t take them for granted either. We know tomorrow is never promised. I’m grateful that I’m still alive by God’s Grace. I’m learning how to live life on life’s terms, since my terms haven’t worked so far and my life is  filled with happiness. It’s just one 24 hours at a time to make it through one day clean and sober. Nothing less and nothing more. When I’m having bad days where everything aggravates me, I remind myself that these days will pass by and the good ones will be back around again. Having consecutive good days doesn’t always last long but I now appreciate them more knowing the bad days won’t last either. It’s up to me to get my mindset with a positive attitude for whichever kind of day it’s going to be. I’m having more good days than bad ones because now I know that I don’t have to drink or drug over things I can’t control. These days I’ve got real friends from the A.A. Fellowship that actually understand me. When I need to talk about my overwhelming emotions they know where I’m coming from and have patience with me. My friends in recovery are the most sane people I’ve met during this lifetime. We have great fun together whether we’re laughing at ourselves after a meeting or going out into the real world doing something out in public around “quote, unquote” normal people. We always have a positive experience while having a fun time no matter what life throws at us while we’re together.  Since I’ve gotten clean and sober, I love and respect myself. My sobriety has blessed me with the most precious gift of getting to live out my life. There’s beauty all around us if we open our minds, eyes and hearts we’ll not just see how beautiful it is we’ll feel it deep within our souls. I used to just exist and now I’m truly living life. I try to be a better person than I was the day before with a sense of purpose and always try to do the next right thing.

“This life of mine simply amazes me with all the beauty and love within me.” 

♥♪by FrostyGurl♪♥


My Melissa 

I always find my Melissa somehow because she’s my soul mate. Melissa has always been that one best friend I’ve compared others to that never measured up.  We met 30 years ago when we were 17 years old and instantly became best friends. We went our separate ways a few times over the years, but always found each other again. She has always been at the front of my mind, deep in my heart and part of my soul. This time I hadn’t heard anything from her in over 15 years. Then 5 nights ago I trolled Facebook for 12 hours, she’s never had any type of social media account, and found her oldest son. I sent him a message and he replied the next morning. We sent a few messages back and forth that day, then Melissa called me later that day. We picked up where we left off. We’re already planning to spend 2 weeks together in January of 2017. When I heard her voice a calmness settled over my soul like God himself made sure Melissa and I always had each other.  Neither of us has a biological sister, but I know we’re soul sisters. Blood doesn’t always make someone our family, but unconditional love sure does. I know I won’t be growing old alone now. I’ve got my sweet Melissa for the rest of this lifetime.  

By ♪FrostyGurl♪

One Year of Living with my Sobriety

On Dec.29, 2016 I’ll be celebrating my one year of my new sober life. So much has changed within my mind and heart during these last 12 months. By the way, that’s a lot of 24 hours, adding up to a year! I’m still making amends and the most important ones are my daily living amends to my family. My sons are beginning to trust in me again and believe me when I say I’m going do something or be somewhere on time. I still won’t make any promises to either of them, because I broke countless ones during my years of active addiction. I’m only as good as my word and I try to be accountable for my words and actions. I’ve learned to forgive myself and let go of self guilt for my past deeds. Then I began to love God and myself before anyone one else. I’m capable of feeling love, and loving the people in my life with all my heart and soul. This allows me to fall into a habit of having a positive outlook on my life and not being negative about life in general. Loving myself first has opened my eyes, heart and emotions to feeling compassion for all of humanity. I forgive people now instead of holding grudges, resentments or letting any kind anger built up inside me. The step work I do daily to keep me clean and sober. I’ve met some strong people that I’m honored I can call my friends. I still have trouble opening up to talk about myself, but I don’t isolate myself away from my family and friends like I used to. I’m working on my trust issues, but I know that I have to put forth the effort for any kind of relationship. I’ve made lifestyle changes that make me uncomfortable sometimes but that’s how I know I need to do push on through those feelings and I’ll feel peace of mind. My sponsor, friends from the A.A. Fellowship, reading my literature and going to meetings or sober functions has changed me into a person I respect. I try to keep doing the next right thing in every aspect of my life. By God’s Grace I’m still alive and happy with life.


Just a few groovy pic’s I like. I’ve been making new hippie friends and they’re groovy people. One of them I’ll call her HippieShine, she and I vibe really good together.  She inspired me to blog about #AllThingsHippie today. I love finding a tribe to vibe”  with over social media and in person



Time is Relative

‘Seconds turn into a minute’ ‘Minutes add up to an hour’ 
‘Hours will make for a day’
‘And the day is a sober one’

When you can stay in the day then you’re doing it one 24 hours at a time’ and that can lead to continued days of sobriety. My attitude about time keeps me teachable, humble and most of all grateful for the mornings I wake up to enjoy another day. I don’t have a good day every day, because some days are just plain shitty’. While having my good days, some are better than others, and those rare kind of days that feel like there’s ‘warm sunshine on my face on a cold winter’s morning’ my world feels peacefulWhen I’m having one of those dreaded days where, everything goes wrong and aggravates me or my depression controls my day, I’ve got to remind myself that this is Just for Today. Now that I’m Living life on lifes terms and it’s just one 24 hours’ at a time to live through Nothing less and nothing more than that for a day. Knowing that all my ‘good days won’t last long’  and the ‘bad days don’t either’ has gotten me through a few 24 hoursIt’s up to me to have my mindset with a positive attitude that’s going to determine the kind of day I’ll let myself have. Lately there’s been more good days than bad ones because I now know that I don’t have to  drink or drug’ over the things I have no control over. I’ve got true friends in the AA Fellowship and they understand where I’m coming from when I get overwhelmed by my emotions. Now I’m capable of several feelings usually all at once. My friends in recovery are the most sane people I’ve met so far in this lifetime. We have great fun together whether we’re laughing at ourselves after a meeting or going out into the real world doing some type of activity out in public around those quote, unquote” normal people. We always have a positive experience while having a fun time no matter what life throws at us when were together or I’m out on my own. Since I’ve gotten clean and sober’ with time I came to love and respect myself. Life is good!! Life is beautiful!! Life is love!!”  My sobriety has blessed me with the most precious gift, to live my life and be happy. There’s beauty all around us if we just open up our eyes, expand our minds and look with our hearts we’ll not just see the beauty we’ll feel it deep in our souls. I used to only exist but now I’m truly living my life.

This life I’m blessed with amazes me every day by seeing the simple beauty of nature and feeling the love within myself to give others”


‡★ FrostyGurl★‡

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Dealing with empty nest syndrome as a recovering addict

Empty nest syndrome is emotionally devastating, whether you’re “quote, a normal person, unquote” or an addict in recovery like I am. Being a recovering addict has opened up my mind to the what possibilities the future holds for me now. The empty nest feeling is the worst fucking thing I’ve ever felt or dealt with as a Mom.  During my active addiction, I didn’t know how to cope with it and now in my recovery I can process it in a positive way. Thank God I’m in my right mind to deal with it in a healthy manner. My sons want to be in my here and now, one day at a time, with a future we can plan on together. While in active addiction my selfishness had no limits. Tomorrow was always just another day when it got here. Today I’m capable of planning for a happier way of life.  I miss being a “Mommy to my lil’ guys” but sadly that part of my life has come to pass. I’ve raised two fine young men that need a Mom who inspires them to be a better person every day and always do the next right thing. I realized that in the past, I didn’t inspire them in any way, but now I can lead by example. My personal and professional actions in the past were unacceptable to me or by my sons. My positive attitude towards life is due to my recovery with the A.A. Fellowship, my sponsor and my A.A. friends that like me just the way I am.  Not only do I  need to accomplish my new goals I set, but my sons need to experience it for themselves that their Mom can do it on her own.  This way we can make plans for our future. A future that includes both of my sons, my family and my friends in my life.  I still miss seeing my youngest son daily, but he works 12 hour shifts 7 days a week. Then he surprised me with a visit today by coming by on his way to work. Made my day!!
                   †‡♥PeaceLoveMusic♥‡†                  †‡♪by FrostyGurl♪‡† 

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Praying to vs. talking to my HP

I don’t discuss my Higher Power often during meetings or with my friends in the fellowship. Praying is a extremely private matter to me and I don’t give my HP much talk time or credit out loud. I feel my HP working with me and putting me where I need to be on a daily basis. If not for my HP I wouldn’t be writing my thoughts down right now.  I talk to my  HP all day long and sometimes very loudly. My HP and I laugh at the way my sense of humor carries me through a moment of indecision.  I’m not sure if talking to and praying to are the same thing but I know when I’m just talking to my HP, I feel a sense of comfort and well being.  During times of crisis I know I’m praying for strength, courage and to do God’s will. During my good days I’m grateful and give thanks to my HP for what I have in my life. During bad days I pray for patience to see me through until the good days return. Not every day can be a good day just as not every day will be a bad day. You can’t have one without the other. It’s a matter of perspective. Like is the glass half full or half empty?  I choose to have a glass half full be with my recovery my cup runs over.

Everyday I know my HP is all around me because I see it in nature, a child’s eyes and an elderly  persons smile. If you’re open to feeling your HP’s presence then you’ll see it more clearly. The love of your HP will feel like a strong and steady like the heartbeat of contentment.

I know peace of mind and serenity because my HP is working with me today. For that I’m most grateful.

Peace, Love & Music




“Jim Morrison arrested on 3 charges stemming from his taunting a security guard by   smoking an imaginary joint”. 

1968 – Las Vegas NV

Jim Morrison was arrested on January 29, 1968 at the Pussycat a’ Go Go in Las Vegas for public drunkenness, vagrancy, and failure to possess sufficient identification. Apparently, Morrison was smoking an imaginary joint, taunting the security guard at the Pussycat a’ Go Go who proceeds to start beating them with his billy club. Blood is running down Jim’s face, the cops are called, and Morrison and his friend, author Robert Gover are arrested.

Information provided by Google Search engine. 


Peace, Love & Music