“A pink necked girl in a redneck world.”

When I was 21 years old I weighed 125 pounds and my height was 5’8″. Which made me look like Olive Oyl from Popeye cartoons in my mind. My favorite compliment was you look like a tall, cool drink of water”.

Most women automatically disliked me on first sight for the only reason I was younger and an attractive female hanging out where the men folk were to be found. It became increasingly annoying getting followed into the restroom. I learned to travel with a girlfriend until I got fed up.  I’m a survivor of domestic abuse and no one is going to stick their finger in my face out or hit me out of nonsense either. I will get back up so you bettet knock me out. By the time I was 23 I didn’t need to fist fight anymore.  They either liked me or they didn’t, but they knew what I was about by then. I was a pink necked girl in a redneck world. I had the time of my life being carefree and unfettered. I did what I wanted, when I wanted, and all the time.  

By the time I was 22 years old, I was bar tending at the nicest hotel lounge around here. Most of the men liked how I looked while I was pouring drinks and grabbing their beers. Any man more than 10 years older than myself intimidated me with their personality. All gruff and barking at me made me steer clear of all of them. And yes, I‘ve got Daddy issues.” They were polite and careful with their words when it became apparent I was uncomfortable around them. Once I got used to being the boss of these drunken fools, I came out of myself and became comfortable around my customers. 
I’ve always had rules for dating. Strict rules I always follow. I still follow these Golden Rules since I don’t want someone else’s man. I want my own man with no woman trying to interfere or cause drama.

I’m not interested in dating your man. I repeat, I’m not interested in dating your man.”

Here’s my golden rules:

1. I won’t date a married man. 

2. One whos newly single that’s on the rebound.

3.  A man in any type of ongoing relationship thats mad at his partner and trying to play head games with her.

When I wasn’t dating someone which was more often than not, then I was going through my overwhelming bad boy crush that lasted almost 10 years. TE was such a beautiful man with long golden hair, the true definition of what a man should look like in a pair of Levi’s and rode a Harley. TE took advantage of the fact that I thought I was in love” with him. I was so infatuated with TE that he knew I wouldn’t go anywhere with another man while he was in my eye sight. He didn’t want to be with me all the time, but he wasn’t letting any other man think I was available to spend any of my nights with them. Thank God I wasn’t saddled with TE for the rest of my life by marriage or having his children. He was a grown ass man more issues than a teenage girl. I wasn’t equipped to deal with him during my 20’s or ever for that matter. “Ive always lived in the largest town in my county in Indiana until 2008 when I moved to a town of 300 people I enrolled my sons in a smaller school district. Its been my little piece of Heaven on Earth.” 

The population was higher in town during the 70’s and 80’s. Back before the town was high in unemployment and low on decent paying jobs. When the Chrysler plant shut down it completely devastated our area. Families moved away to find any kind of job opportunities with higher wages. Unless you were able to drive over an hour from home to Indianapolis for your job, then you were stuck in a town where there weren’t enough jobs to go around. This county is now mostly made up of small farming communities, commuters, a handful of small factories that are still in operation and some small businesses that still can be found around here. Not much has changed over the years, except for most of the bars closed down, with some new churches springing up and we’ve got a Walmart Super Center on the edge of town. 

I had my kids when I was 28 and 29. They’re 15 months and 7 days apart in age. My sons are my true loves and the greatest accomplishment in my life. I’ve got two men that’ll love me after I die. What more could I ask for? I’m still figuring out if I’m actually needed as their Mom now days or just a sounding board for the them when they’re excited or stressed out about life. I saw TE at the local Walmart when I was pregnant with my oldest son and he looked like a decimated corpse. Time has been unkind to him or karma must’ve caught up with the man. I’m still clueless about any man who’s interested in me as a person, not just a woman to have in their bedroom, the kitchen or to be a mother their children. Kids over age over 18 are okay since they’re supposed to be somewhat capable of adulting on their own. I’ve already raised my two sons who are now 19 and 21 years old. I’m done with babies until I get my first grand baby. For now I have a grand pup named Xander that I get to love on and spoil some. 
At 21 years of age all I was interested in was being able to drink beer in any bar I wanted in my little redneck town. I loved my beer, dancing and live music. I was a decent pool player and I loved bowling with my family or friends on an old time game machine. The kind that actually had small pins to knock down using a little bowling ball like those big table top shuffleboard games. I’m sure those little bowling balls were used as weapons on more than one occasion. This was before video games took over all the choices in game playing, that we now play them all the time, except for when there’s a pool table around. This has been a good memory or two revisited.   

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“Really this isn’t Brandi”

My phone rang and it was the wrong number. Again. My name isn’t Brandi and this is my phone number now. They think I’m lying, I can tell when they change their tone and it becomes suspicious as soon as I say “you have the wrong number”. Come on girl, get with it!! You need to give your new number to your doctor and dentist. I’m getting texts from both of them. This has been going on for 3 weeks. Just so you know it’s quite bitchy of you to leave it up to me to tell your brother you changed it when he called. And he apologized to me after figuring out I was serious. I felt bad for the guy. Brandi if you’re reading this you need to call brother and tell him how you’re doing. 

“Snapshots in my Mind”

Going through the pictures on my computer brought up memories of my vacation last fall with Dad and my oldest son. There’s a photograph of Dad with Betty Boop at Universal Studios that’s really good. There’s others from that day, but this one is my favorite. 

 I’ve captured memories in my mind that are snapshots of a time I want to remember. Sometimes I step back while something is happening to imprint one of those snapshots in my mind. Our best memories of people who have touched our lives are in our hearts. They live on through us by being the best part of our mind and heart. It’s okay to recall good times and even the bad ones since it’s a great comfort to remember them in any way.



My Magical Friend

She’s not just my best friend, she’s my magical friend. I’ve been best friends with Mel for over 30 years. We were teenagers when we met. Looking back on it, we thought we were so grown up but we were just a couple of babies. She’s magical in how we’ve gone our separate ways more than a few times, but we come back together when we need each other the most. 
She had her kids before I did and moved out of state when her oldest was a baby. Ten years later I had my sons and she called me one night while she was in town. We kept in touch and visited back and forth with one another for a couple of years.  Then we got caught up in our lives and raising our sons.  We went for years without being able to get in touch with each other.  I was suffering from empty nest syndrome and depression and came across her son on Facebook. I’d been searching for her on social media since it came out. I messaged her son, and she called me the next day.

She’s a single mother too, and has been through most of the same things that I have been through over the years. Neither of us had a close female friend at the time and it felt like we had come home when we heard the sound of the others voice. 

We talk 2 or 3 times a week if not more. It’s like no time had passed since we talked last. Mentally we’re still those two young women who have always loved each other like sisters even though we’re now middle aged.  She lives 175 miles from me and somehow I’ll find a way to get to see her. Thank God for cell phones because we’d have long distance phone bills we’d be paying. 
Neither time or geography has kept us apart. I hope everyone has one magical friend in their life.



“Coffee became a second date”

So Mr. Coffee and I had another date. We went out for dinner over the weekend and took a long drive. It was a really nice summer evening that accompanied us on our country cruise.

I like the way he talks. A lot. His twang is more from the deep south than Indiana. He’s definitely got those southern gentleman manners to match his southern accent. He’s got a great sense of humor and really is the definition of a nice guy.  Considering I’m 49 years old that I’ve actually dated one too many of those Bad Boys and a few of the Mr. Nice Guys. My opinion is that the Mr. Nice Guy is the best to date if you don’t want to play mind  games since they won’t leave you hanging or guessing what’s going on. They actually show you they’re interested and you usually know where you stand with them. But those Bad Boys used to be my favorite until I got to know that they played dating games.  Not to mention they’ve never cared if you were looking for more than a night out somewhere.  Or should I say a night together where no one saw you two together. So those unreliable Bad Boys usually get stuck with Unstable Girls.  You know the kind of woman you won’t be friends with because of the principle of the matter. You’re not friends with that kind of crazy.


Mr. Nice Guy sometimes isn’t all that fun, but you can count on him in ways those Bad Boys can’t even comprehend. Mr. Nice Guy likes to make a plan to see you and he’s  good for  his word.

All parents love the Mr. Nice Guy you introduce to them especially Momma’s.

I know this because I’ve raised two sons that are 19 and 20 years old. One is Mr. Nice Young Man, he’s 19, who’s in a long term relationship. There’s also his brother the Butthead Young Man, he’s 20, who’s still single.  My sons are very polite and well mannered. Except they’re Buttheads like most of the male species I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. One just a little bit more than the other.

“Lucky to be his daughter”

It took me year’s to realize that my Dad was my real Dad just not my biological father. He’s the reason I believe that not all men are like the ones who leave their little girls and never come back. Not all men are alike. I wish I could tell him one more time that he was an awesome Dad and I was lucky he chose me to be his real daughter.  I miss my Dad really bad today. 

“I may not have given you the gift of lift, but life surely gave me the gift of you.”

I raised my sons to each be the kind of man their Pap would be proud to call them “good men”. They’ve both been rock solid since the day my Dad died.  They try to dad me like they’re the parent.  I just smile and nod at my boys.  They love me enough to try and tell me what’s what.  



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I’ve got an admin on this page that does a pretty damn good job of posting regularly.  I’m constantly on here in any of my free time trying to learn more about this site.  I’ve been using the mobile app recently.  I need to quit procrastinating and get off my ass and go get my desktop computer. I’ll think about that tomorrow.